Featured Collection ~ Winter Solace

Featured Collection ~ Winter Solace

We all need connection especially when we are dealing darker days, colder nights and the isolation of winter. These videos will lift your spirit, bring you some light and a sense of connection to the world and others. Peace be with you!

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Featured Collection ~ Winter Solace
  • Gina's Altar of Light Meditation

    Nurses and caregivers are heroes, yet, heroes break too. Please take a few minutes for yourself and give yourself some self care so you can continue to care for others.
    This short video and meditation can help you do just that. From the Founder of Healing Heart TV, Gina DeGirolamo.

  • Solace of Snow

    Sometimes it seems as if winter will never end yet we can find peace and calm in the gentleness of this snowfall in northeastern Ohio.

  • Love and Joy by John Adorney

    Love and Joy is a wonderful celestial mantra with vocals that will make you feel like angels are singing you these joyful well wishings.

    Music and composition by John Adorney
    Vocals by DAYA

  • Home Is Where Your Horse Is

    Brady Jandreau is a young Lakoda Sioux cowboy and bronco rider. After suffering a potentially career ending trauma, he travels deep into the Patagonian highlands, on a quest for spiritual renewal.

    Commissioned by Marriott: traveler.marriott.com/storybooked/brady-jandreau/

    Director: Shern Sharma...

  • Magical Ice Skate

    Tiina Pakkanen skates weightlessly across a Finish lake as though magically gliding on the sky and water. Be free and weightless as you take in this beauty.

  • The Bells of Distant Stars by John Adorney

    From the album of the same name, The Bells of Distant Starts is a cosmic musical video which takes from some traditional Christmas melodies that sparks feelings of hope and joy at anytime of year.

    Music by John Adorney

  • Antartica

    Journey through the cool waters of Antartica and soak in the amazing emerald greens and blues that nature tosses up in this short film by Kalle LJung.