Meditative & Sleep

Meditative & Sleep

Meditative & Sleep
  • Solace of Snow

    Sometimes it seems as if winter will never end yet we can find peace and calm in the gentleness of this snowfall in northeastern Ohio.

  • Magical Ice Skate

    Tiina Pakkanen skates weightlessly across a Finish lake as though magically gliding on the sky and water. Be free and weightless as you take in this beauty.

  • The World Below

    Drift off into space with the crew from the International Space Station and Hans Zimmer. This beautiful journey will relax you and amaze you at the same time.

  • Unity

    Rus Khasanov is a visual artist and graphic designer. His work is driven by the motto: Beauty Is Everywhere. Hours upon hours were spent creating this visual piece of art. Let it allow your mind to expand and wonder.

  • Yosemite Rivers - The Most Beautiful World in the World

    This 30 minute video takes a journey through the waters of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley. Composer and musician John Adorney scored the original soundtrack in order to bring you peace and tranquility as you wander in your senses as you engage with this video. An original Healing Heart™ Film.