Healing Heart™ TV Subscription

Healing Heart™ TV is a collection of cinematic, nature videos that support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. We do this by connecting you visually to the most beautiful places in nature and occasionally taking an inside look at meditative and prayer practices. Accompanying each video is music that is composed and performed by music therapists and heart-centered artists and performers in order to connect with your soul.

Each month we add at least one new video to the series so that you can grow your collection of sacred places to visit. Subscribe to Healing Heart™ TV and receive new content every month to support your physical,mental,emotional & spiritual well being.

  • Healing Heart™ TV

    5 videos

    Nature is a natural place to heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress. Sometimes, it is not possible to physically be in nature and that is why Healing Heart™ TV is here...so you CAN connect to nature AND healing music...at any time and from any place.

  • Nature Relaxation™

    4 videos

    Stunning videos from around the globe created by expert filmmaker and passionate nature enthusiast David Huting. Nature Relaxation™ videos sweep audiences on alleviating, awe-inspiring majestic journeys to the world’s most breathtaking places in 4K and HD, with stereo Nature sounds with or withou...

  • The HHTV Music Collection
    0 videos — 5 extras

    The HHTV Music Collection

    0 videos — 5 extras

    Downloadable .mp3 files from the Healing Heart™ Original Films Series. Beautifully composed and performed music from composer and music therapist John Adorney.